Is ROG Strix G17 Worth It? 3 Reasons to Buy


So you are here to find out if Rog strix g17 worth it? If you are a gamer and looking for a gaming laptop rog strix lineup will be hard to miss and g17 is worth considering. You should invest your time in this laptop to see if it can fulfill your needs. Here in this blog we will find out is rog strix g17 worth it?

I will give you 3 reasons to buy. Should you buy it or not you can decide it for yourselves. So lets begin

Asus ROG Strix G17 Worth It?

Yes, Rog Strix G17 definitely worth it and here is why.

As a gamer a gaming laptop should have these:

1. High Performance
2. Higher Refresh Rate Display
3. Good Build Quality
4. Easy To Carry
5. Good Battery Life
6. Good Cooling system
7. RGB And Backlit keyboard

As a user of this laptop, i can easily say this laptop has all of these for it to be worth it.

Graphics Card Options

The Rog Strix G17 comes with few graphics options. If you get confused just take my advice.

The Rtx 4060 will be your budget option. You can find it on Amazon for 1400$. Also if you want to learn more about Rtx 4060 here is a review from tomshardware on Rtx 4060.

If you can afford my best advice would be get the Rtx 4070 option. Here is a review from tomshardware on rtx 4070. You can find this GPU on Amazon for 2199$.

1. Handles Games like A Champ

The Rog Strix G17 can run any games you throw at it. if you ask me how well it run games? let me show you:
according to ultrabookreview they ran few test on some games on this laptop.

Here is the result

Rog Strix G17 (Ryzen 9 7945HX+RTX 4070)1080p (Avg fps) 1440p (Avg fps)
The Witcher 3117 fps105 fps
Shadow of Tomb Raider152 fps105 fps
Red Dead Redemption 2121 fps86 fps
Metro Exodus86 fps71 fps
Far Cry 5143 fps120 fps
Far Cry 6106 fps92 fps
Doom Eternal312 fps223 fps
Cyberpunk 207797 fps63 fps

As you can see from these results this laptops handles games pretty well. you can see their full results here.

If you still have doubt. one user of this laptop gave a positive review. he said

Nice machine,upgraded from a 3070ti which struggled to play Diablo 4 on high settings,this 4070 plays the game with ease on ultra max settings,very nice clear crisp display as well,I’ve seen bad reviews about this laptop but I’ve had many gaming laptops and built towers over time,Rog has always been my favorite and this machine did not disappoint! I do recommend.

damon jones

I have collected 3 laptops that have same specs or they are in the same price range. They are

  1. LENOVO Legion Pro 5 2023
  2. MSI Pulse 17
  3. Acer Predator Helios 16

Feel free to check these laptops. see if you like them

2. High Refresh Rate Display

When you are playing games in high refresh rate monitors it makes all the difference.

This laptop uses 240hz display. Which was used few years ago in all the e-sports tournaments. so when i played competitive games like Valorant,csgo,fortnite,call of duty this blazing fast display really helps. You can compare what 60hz vs 240hz display feels like.

The view angle of this display is probably the downside. but i wouldn’t make a fuss about it. because high refresh rate displays aren’t known for their view angle like Amoled or Ips panel.

also i used this laptop outdoor to play games. well its ok but not great. but when direct sunlight hits you won’t be able see anything.
so if you are buying this laptop for outdoor gaming. i wouldn’t recommend you this. but for every other scenario this laptop display is great.

3. Cooling System

Whenever i play hardcore games it always stay cool compare to other gaming laptop. And its also thin compare to them.

So i did some research and here is what i found.

Asus said it uses liquid metal in the CPU heatsink instead of thermal paste. you can see for yourself Liquid Metal or thermal paste which is best.
Asus said they lowered 15° Celsius by using liquid cooling.

Also it uses their new Arc flow fans that makes the laptop even cooler.

I wouldn’t say this laptop i cooling champ. I did find little thermal throttle but it gets the job done. after using it i definitely can recommend it.

Final thought

This machine is not perfect, nor can any machine be perfect. But after using it i found many positive thing that are most important for a good gaming laptop.
High refresh rate display check, good GPU and CPU performance check, not thermal throttle check. So i can safely say the Rog strix g17 worth it and definitely a good gaming laptop to buy. i hope this answers your question.