About Me


Hi! i am Hasan, the main author of Leeksblog.com.
As a tech enthusiast i love to test different different products mostly teach related.

Obsessed with tech i decided to build this website to proceed a blogging career. Blogging is tough but with your support i we can build a community where anyone can find about a product and guide them whether to buy the product or not.

What You Will Find Here

This website is all about product reviews, tips and tricks, how to guide.

What products we review?

Home appliances etc.

we also review companies that you are interested in or want to associate with. For example

Insurance companies
Travel agencies
Ecommerce etc.

Why trust us?

I personally buy the products and test it thoroughly. i am committed to provide you with unbiased review with expert research to help make a purchase decision.

so thank you for visiting. if you have any questions feel free to let us know at contact@leeksblog.com.